Friday, August 30, 2013

On Home and Yuv

We are in the middle of a new transition, a transition to being home again, during the daytime, and poised on the brink of homeschooling. As a clarification, my job as a nanny is nearly up, hence that awkward description "being home again, during the daytime." I ought to find a more beautiful way to express it considering how totally jazzed up about it I am. Here's my new comprehension, after three years of this full-time weekly work: I missed my house. The next understanding, a lucky truth: I like my home. I like it so much, as my little charge often says to describe something that delights her. I like it so much. At one point in her life, Dory would have said "I yike it so much." That's another shift since last we spoke- her "l's" are now pronounced "L's." Gone are the days of yiking, of yaughing, of seeing her friend Yi-yi (translation: Lily) and of yuving. She stands squarely in the land of L and she sees it too. I've noticed, L's are often slipped into places L's do not usually live. "Anully" for "another" is the first that springs to mind. I missed my home and I'm glad to be back on a full-time basis. My parents named me after Emily Dickinson, a woman almost as renowned for her proclivity for staying home as she was her poetry. I do not question why she was able to create what she did from one small space, small only in the scope of the entire world. Is not our home the place meant to nourish us? I yuv my home. I'm glad to be home again.