Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hello Dory!

Will there ever be a time I'm not marveling at the change in her? Dory's growth seems to be moving at warp speed these days. I realize I owe the blog (and especially her Grandma Cindy and Granny the Great!) some updates on the girl.

She's ready for kindergarten. Or that's how it feels. The changes in even the last month are astonishing. At the moment, sitting is our big preoccupation. She seems seconds away from sitting up on her own. Not, mind you, lifting herself to a sitting position, though everyday she lifts her head and feet, working those belly muscles and doing one fine Boat Pose, for anyone who speaks Yoga-ease out there. However, if you prop her into a sitting position she can maintain it for several seconds before doing a graceful swan dive forward that causes both parents to lunge torwards with hands outstretched (any day now we're going to knock heads like the most absurd Three Stooges episode). Usually she catches herself with her hands, but we put her in soft places. Just to be cautious.

However cautious we might be, Danger does seem to be her second name. OK, maybe not Danger. How about Curious? Curious Dory. She watches everything. All the time. No more sleeping in the Moby or the baby backpack for this girl (except, at this very moment, when she does have her little head resting against my chest and she's sound asleep- if nothing else, if nothing else, this is payment in full for parenting, moments like these). If we're at a store, around the house, at a grandparent's, she's watching, looking, noticing... Oh, and trying to put it in her mouth.

The mouth. Who knew what an exciting place that was for a baby? Well, every parent who's come before me. And now I've joined that ever-watchful group. Because anything she comes near- toys, teething rings, books, car keys, etc.- her mouth pulls open and her head goes towards it, like there's an invisible force pulling her forward and she cannot not do it.  The Force for babies.   We ate out last night and the urgency with which she pulled herself to the table suggested if I would just let her at it, she'd have that whole thing between those baby gums.

Speaking of gums, no teeth yet. But we're close. Much like we're so close to her sitting unassisted, I think we're so close (as measured in baby time- could be minutes, could be weeks) from her cutting her first teeth. This is (as you can imagine) not her favorite thing. Some days are chewier than others, but really she copes well. And if I would just give her the remote and my cell phone to chomp, she'd be set.

And, as always, she's a big part of history. Here are a couple shots of her on the day of the Inauguration.

Dory and Daddy that night- check out the beard, Texas family!

Dory and her Obama-Mama, moments before he was sworn in.

Obama says Yes We Can and I believe him. Dory says Yes We Can... Put That in Our Mouths and I believe her too.


Ann said...

I truly love the picture of you and Dory! Perfect. It makes me miss you so much!!!
I'm sorry for your loss of your grandmother.
I just sent you a package yeterday. Hope everything in it is the right size or just too big.
Sounds like y'all are doing great!
(We are SOOOOOO happy about our new president! I tried to get Flora and Bruce to watch the inaugaration, but they just wanted to play in the snow that we had outside. Steve had 2 cases in court, so I watched it by myself with claps and cheers and tears.

renee - 21st Century Parenting said...

wow I read this and realize it seemed like last month I was saying the same about twilli!! she sat unassisted, ate babyfood/solids for the 1st time AND got her 1st tooth all around the same time.

now she has 16 teeth & working on her 2-yr molars!!!

time flies. but it sounds like u r cherishing each and every precious moment. :-)

enjoy your BEAUTIFUL daughter!!!! ;-)