Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Littlest Reader

The napping schedule around here is fairly loose. Typically I nurse her down in bed anywhere between one and three and she'll sleep for one to two hours. Dory brings books to naptime, carrying a stack in her short, sturdy arms and saying "booksss, booksss, booksss." We'll read a few different ones, several times over (can you call yourself well read when you read "The Very Hungry Catepillar" and "Night-Night Little Pookie" several dozen times a week?) before she's good and dozy. When she wakes up she gives one short, loud cry that lets us know to come get her. I think she's so accustomed to us responding quickly to her, it doesn't take more than that.

This is the the foundation to what happened yesterday.

Dory and I read a stack of books and she fell asleep. Fast forward to an hour and a half later. Matt and I were in the playroom and heard some noises from the monitor. Dory stirring. Then... quiet. A few minutes later... rustling. Then... quiet. This went on for nearly fifteen minutes before I had to know what was going on. Walked into the bedroom and saw this...



Kristine said...

Love it!

Do you also have "What's Wrong, Little Pookie?" Genius, I tell you.

Emily said...

We've checked "What's Wrong" out of the library- love it! That and "Let's Dance Little Pookie" are at the top of our Next Buy list. Bought her "Night-Night Little Pookie" for Christmas. I support all things Sandra Boynton. Hands down best board book writer out there!