Sunday, October 12, 2008

Little Things

Today is our wedding anniversary. Six years ago (six years!) Matthew and I got married, or joined forces, as I also like to think of it. This is a day I like to mark in blogland.

Unlike birthdays, that tend to be large, loud, liquid, and often week-long celebrations around here, our anniversary tends to be a quiet event. A nice dinner out, maybe a bunch of flowers or a cake. This year, with the addition of our little one, we went even more low-key. The exchange of lovely sentiments and goo-goo eyes over breakfast, a shared homebrewed beer at lunch while cheering on my Colts, steaks at dinner, and... a mixed-tape. Especially for me. Especially from Matthew.

Yes, it's actually a mixed CD, but a mixed tape evokes a much sweeter image in my mind. On this little gift was a medley of some of my favorite songs of this year. A few lovey-dovey, a few get up and dance, a few that just make me happy. All of them reminded me, Matthew is still my favorite person with whom I might share a drink, watch a football game, and make goo-goo eyes at.

It was an excellent present.
(Us on Halloween, 2007. He went as a ninja in an old Tae Kwan Do uniform- I went as one of the boys from the SNL "Da Bears" skit of the 80's.)

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