Sunday, May 31, 2009

Baby Baggage

This week Dory and I are going to the beach with my mom. This morning I am packing and, as Dory oversees

I would like to make one point: babies have a lot of stuff.

I didn't expect that. Here's this girl, born about as simple and uncomplicated as one human being can be

yet to take her anywhere requires piles of things.

I always knew adults had a lot of stuff. Beyond clothes, shoes, underwear, shampoo and the like, there's laptops, cell phones, books, movies, golf clubs, knitting, whatever your preference of entertainment might be. I never imagined babies could rival adults.

Now, as I pack a diaper bag, a toy bag, baby clothes, baby swimsuits, a second toy bag, baby stroller, another toy bag, I realize, babies might be born without luggage, but it doesn't stay that way for long. Whether they need all this stuff or we, being adults with lots of stuff, simply foist it on them, I can't decide.

But I find the situation very interesting.

Dory, I think, finds it funny.

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