Saturday, August 29, 2009

And Now for Something Totally Off-Subject

Oh, I'm such a bad blogger! I can't seem to stick with this on a consistent basis, can I? I have more D.C. pictures to post, and pictures from another zoo trip here in town and just everyday pictures on top of those and so what is this post about? Attachment Parenting's 15th Anniversary! Where does this event happen to be taking place? You can look no further than Nasvhille, TN, our friendly sister-city to the west.

That's right, Matthew and I are Attachment Parents. If that's a new term for you, a quick and clear explanation can be found here at Dr. Sears' website. A more in-depth discussion of it can be found here at the Attachment Parenting International site.

The festival lasts all weekend, but we're going only for the day tomorrow and specifically for the Think Tank at 3pm. Check out the list of panelists here. This thing is going to be brilliant! My greatest excitement, I'll say right now, is the opportunity to see the Sears. They have, in my eyes, reached rock star-like status.

That's it for now. It's way too late and I really should be sleeping as peacefully as Little One if I plan to be a bright and brilliant conversationalist tomorrow when I meet Dr. Bill and Martha.* But I will- so help me- I will report back on this as soon as I get home tomorrow night. Or first thing Sunday morning. Promise.

*What are the odds, if I do come face to face with either of the Sears, I end up shrieking and screaming something like, "I love you! You rock! Sign my baby!"? I'm thinking, pretty good.

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