Friday, August 7, 2009

On the Road, Part One

We are officially on our family vacation! Matthew finished up his second summer school class yesterday, we three hopped into the Mojo mobile, and headed out to... Charlottesville, VA!

We found a great deal on a hotel (ah, thank you very much Priceline) and we checked in around six last night.

The drive is only about five to five and a half hours and you drive through some truly spectacular scenery. There is, however, a lot of ear poppage from the mountains and Little One had a tough time with that. She needed a little recovery time once we arrived.

And done!

She was back up and cruising around almost immediately.

Before we left, Matthew looked up his grade on line. Check out the face of a man who just found out he made his second 'A' of the summer. In a statistics course, of all things!

Charlottesville is a neat town, reminiscent to me of Asheville, wherein most of it is a normal, average size-city, but there are some truly special sections. Main Street is just such a place. Located only about a mile from the University of Virginia (one of the most beautiful campuses in the country), it's a closed street full of adorable, interesting specialty shops, great restaurants, cool bars and, of all things, an ice rink.

We ate dinner outside.

I ordered the fettucini.

It was possibly the biggest bowl of pasta in the history of noodles; Dory gave me a hand.

We stopped at Miller's, a tiny and fairly inconsequential little bar, known for one major, major event- it was here Dave Matthews Band first got their start. We stepped inside, it was smoky and more than a little dingy, there were a few tattooed fellows and a guy asleep in the corner where the bands normally play. We stepped back out again.

We were all done in by the time we got back to the hotel.

Now, we're up and off! There is a plan and a theme to this trip. We're on a Mojo family adventure, with several more destinations in mind... soon this will all make sense...

Next stop... check back in to find out!

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craftycat said...

OMG we almost went to Charlottesville VA the same day. We were really tired after being in PA so opted to head home. OMG wouldn't that have been awesome if we bumped into each other.

Hugs and Love!