Thursday, July 16, 2009

Real, Honest-to-Goodness Updates

I've been walking around with potential posts on my mind for almost two weeks now. A wee bit of technical trouble kept me down, however. First, the batteries in our camera died and for the first time in years (possibly) we had no more AA batteries in the house. This, in itself, is shocking. I have random household items that I buy in excess, as in, while at the store, I see a great deal on batteries, shaving cream, Crisco, any kind of spice or seasoning, and think "this is such a great deal! I must get some so we have extra!" Only to bring said item home and discover we already have three to five extra containers of this same product lurking in the cabinet. For once, though, my planning-sense failed me and no batteries meant no picture uploading.

We bought more batteries, but then the second impediment occurred when Matthew, quite kindly, offered to update my computer software. The good old laptop... ran... very... slowly. This was a great offer and one I jumped all over, especially as I didn't have to do anything except hand over my laptop for a night and wait for it to be returned, faster, better and with the ability to transform into a car and get cast in a summer blockbuster. Except when we did said upgrades, saving all my old data, then taking everything off, and uploading the new we skipped a crucial step it would seem- taking the old software off too. At least, that's what we think happened. My laptop now has twice as much memory in use as before, which means, until we get this little... ahem... situation figured out, downloading pictures is impossible. And frankly, what's a post without pictures?

Well, Grandpa Mojo to the rescue tonight! He and Granny S watched little one yesterday, so Matthew and I and my mama, might go see the new Harry Potter. And while watching he took pictures. So run your eyes over these shots, while I update you on the Divine Miss D's progress...

She's crawling everywhere.

And pulling up on everything. Seriously, everything. You can't stand still too long or you'll feel a pair of small, but determined hands climbing up the side of your pants leg.

There's definite conversation going on, particularly on "dada," a little "dog" (which can be the dogs or squirrels) and "hi." The best thing about her "hi" is it's often accompanied with a little wave. Oh, the wave. It melts me. And pretty much anyone who sees it, including Matthew, all grandparents, our friends and random strangers at the store. We almost caused a pile-up in the baby aisle at the grocery store tonight when she and another adorable little one engaged in a wave-off.

Beyond the waving, there's lot of general chatter, but, as she gets older, the chatter is different. Before she entertained herself by making random sounds to us, the walls, the ceiling, her toys. Now she's intentionally conversing, looking intent and thoughtful, with lots of eye contact and smiles, as she yammers. It is amazing to watch and so exciting. Soon we will have another member of the Mojo house competing for talk-time; always a fine, fine thing.

She's definitely into solid foods. How I miss my recent pictures right now! I'll do another food post soon. Pasta is her new fave and frankly deserves a post of its own.

The fact is, as we speed toward her one year birthday, I'm reminded daily that having a child is far, far, far better than I ever expected. And demanding and busy and sometimes exhausting. But those times are so small and insignificant in the face of a talking, standing, wobbling, smiling little person who even, others tell you, bears a slight resemblance to you and your dear significant other.

As my lovely friend Betsy would say, I am kooky about this child.

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