Wednesday, July 29, 2009

To the First of Many...

Happy Birthday, Dory! Considering what a rich, intense day the 29th was last year, we had a lovely, low-key day today. Traditions were maintained. We cooked spaghetti for lunch, the same thing my mama made for Matthew and I when we all came home from the birth center last year. Matthew brought us both flowers. He gave us each a card. And Dory opened her presents right before bed, a crazy idea on our part, as she revved back up and wasn't ready for bed until almost 10:30 (hence the late post). As was the day, her gifts were simple.

A pop-up style book that makes noises and a small WonderPets stuffed animal from our friends Betsy, Randy and Andrew.

A bag of Mega Blocks, which will hopefully prove entertaining for us, as well as Dory.

And a bag of randomly selected balls from the big ball bin at Toys 'R Us.

The balls were definitely a hit.

We have a party for the family planned for this weekend and that's going to be fantastic. I'm glad today, though, on her very first birthday we had such a sweet, quiet day with the three of us.

I want to write more, but I am exhausted! For now, I'll just leave it at Happy Birthday Dory, our crawling, giggling, babbling, blue-eyed, pasta-eating miracle.

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Kristine said...

Happy Birthday, Dory! You're going to love those Mega-Blocks; Lucy has just discovered that not only do they go together, they come apart. And balls -- wow you're a lucky girl!